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Help expand your business by promoting with us. Your brand will reach millions of people that are part of our extensive network. This large following is composed of readers, fashion enthusiasts, social media users, and more. Most of our visitors are the "millennial customers" or "Gen Ys".

What is are "millennial customers" or "Gen Ys"?

"Within the next few years, millennial customers (customers born after 1980) will hit service providers with a wallet force larger than that of the baby boom. And these young customers, also known as Gen Y, bring to the market an entirely new set of expectations.

This new generation thinks differently about customer service, about how they want to be treated in business interactions. It is a generation of consumers defined by the digital world that they’ve known since infancy. A group of people, larger by far than the baby boom at its height, who have lived their entire commercial lives immersed in an internet – Wifi- smartphone enabled world and have little understanding of the more earthbound systems and expectations that dominated the consumer landscape only a few years ago."

by Micah Solomon,


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