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Vuarnet in Lisbon

Vuarnet, a french luxury brand, has been innovating the optical market since 1957. It is distinguished by its exceptional quality of the lens with the exclusively use of manufactured glass lenses instead of "glass" plastic.

The production of mineral glass lenses VUARNET are an authentic work of art. This process takes a week of work and sixteen steps are required to produce a single lens!

The brand is proud of its premium selection with the best quality raw materials to exclusive treatments on the lenses, with strict quality control.

Cable Car model is inspired by the electric travel in mythical cities of San Francisco or Lisbon. A unisex model that fits men and women with an acetate frame with its double-brigde highlighted in metal.

The curve and modernity of this model describes a well-balanced that the mark will move on to the consumer. Despite being an old brand, it is distinguished by modernity.

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