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Magma for sports

Magma Optiks is a Spanish sunglasses brand born in 2012. A group of friends who practiced extreme sports felt the need to have a pair of sunglasses that were not too expensive - in these type of sports, sunglasses screw up very quickly- and to adapt to your lifestyle.

The brand combines sporty style with the joy and harmony of nature. Besides being ideal glasses for sports abroad, they are also perfect for wearing on the beach.

The glasses are produced in Spain and want to combine a current design with modern comfort.

This model, like the others, have lenses with UV protection. The frames are in acetate giving lightness to the glasses. In its offer of glasses, we can find products with mirrored lenses and other more simple, with monochrome frames.

They are manufactured with a very flexible piece. We can fold them without worrying about the consequences, since they have interchangeable arms, with a very light weight of only 20 grams. The brand challenges us to call them "baby proof" (baby-proof) or "extreme sports proof" (the test of extreme sports).

I challenge you to know your potential flexible.

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