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EPOS, the italian secret

Today I bring you an Italian secret. EPOS specializes in quality glasses made with acetate and metal. EPOS products are glasses with a truly classic style with three predominant colors in your palette: tortoise, bordeux and honey tones. The motto of the brand is elegance transmitted to their customers through their glasses.

The origin of EPOS dates back a few decades ago when the grandfather of the current CEO of the company, one day, looked at a man who had just come out of a tailor shop, dressed in an elegant suit and a pair of sheer charm glasses. This famous English archaeologist loved Greek culture, myth and epic gestures of the Olympic Gods. So, in that night, sitting on his desk, he began designing harmonious and elegant frames.

These projections were found by the current CEO of the brand, Mr Mantovani, and gave him the name of EPOS in memory of the inspiration of the distinguished English archaeologist.

There are many available collections and each model has the name of a character in world history.

I present you my two pairs: sunglasses and prescription glasses.

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