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Makeup with Glasses

Nowadays, glasses are no longer synonymous of being nerd; it means style and elegance.

The main problem, especially for women, is that it is difficult to make a beautiful make-up. It seems like a wasteful of time for then put the glasses on. So, I have the solution for you! For women who wears glasses you can use a specific make-up. Your focus point should be eyebrows and cheekbones.

The eyebrows define your look. Therefore, women with glasses can risk in eyebrows defining, which will accentuate the eyes. An eyebrow pencil, for example, helps you to delimit the contour.

When it comes to makeup for the eyes, we always think of shadows and mascara. The glasses, however, hide all. That's why experts advise that the point is th lower eyelid. For a formal look, you can use double lines make-up of the same color on the eyelid.

Depending on the type of frame, you can also create a creative look that combines with your glasses. Some women, for example, bet on glasses without graduation just to refine the style and get a cool look. If the glasses are small, the tip is to create a makeup unsophisticated.

If you like colorful glasses, The tone of make-up needs to match the color of the frame. If you are wearing red glasses, the lipstick can be of the same color with a smokey eyes.

For women who wears cat-eye glasses, the combination of perfect makeup is eyeliner. Masks for eyelashes are also approved. And, in addition, a red lipstick. Ready to shine!