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Sunglasses are for many people an essential accessory. Currently there are thousands of styles, colors and sizes, but: Do you know where and when it was designed the first model?

The first prototype of the sunglasses was designed on the island of Murano, located in the north of Venice and is one of the inventions that marked the 18th century. With UV lenses, sunglasses were invented to satisfy a need of Italian people: to protect the eyes from sunlight during the tours made by the Venice Lagoon.

Known as ''gondola glasses'' or ''vetri di dama'', sunglasses were an exclusive accessory, only accessible to the most noble classes of society. Looking very fragile and delicate, the first pair of sunglasses of sunglasses was far from becoming a fashion accessory like it is today.

In 1929, the company Foster Grant launched the first model produced in mass, a phenomenon that ended up raising sunglasses to a cult object and extremely desired worldwide.

For example, Ray-Ban sunglasses, created in 1937, were designed especially for the pilots of the US Air Force in order to protect the eyes from sunlight. However, it became popular and was immortalized by some movie stars. Who doesn't remember the character of Tom Cruise in "Top Gun"?

Today, Ray-Ban is one of the brands of sunglasses best selling in the world. The Aviator and Wayfarer models, considered the brand's best-sellers, still seen as symbols of style.