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No longer just a summer accessory!

Sunglasses are no longer a fashion accessory only to use on spring or summer; women and men are using them on winter - because they rock no matter if it rains!

They are now a fashion accessory, which in addition to protecting the view from the sun, are like a jewel that is immediately visible.

Increasingly, people invest more in sunglasses, especially women, who see them as a complement to their outfit. Not only we see them in street style, but also in catwalks. Nowadays many brands choose to put sunglasses on the outfits used by the models.

The sunglasses actually fill the prominent place that belonged to the oversized earrings, the sparkling bags, XXL necklaces - use a nice pair of sunglasses and everyone will stare at you. Whether in London, Paris or New York, you can find current fashion icons using exhaustively sunglasses.