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Mr. Sunglasses is the only eyewear blog in Portugal and it is already considered a benchmark in this industry and has acreditation from its partners.

The Mysterious Johnny Loco

Go now ten years since the day when, in a train station abandoned in the middle of Barcelona, the inspiration came through a dizzy solo. Only accompanied by an old leather suitcase and a stylish pair of sunglasses. He taught that every day is filled with the times and places that offer the perfect setting for reflection and relaxation. We can capture the perfect moment without "killing" the day.

This is the spirit of the brand. Transport it to a character who believes that man makes his own way in life and although he likes very small and great achievements of the life he is capable of detachment from material goods with the same enthusiasm he achieved when purchased.

Their eyewear fashion is composed of handmade quality sunglasses, with an irreverent touch. All models are inspired by unique characters, as Jim from "Rebel without a Cause", Alice or Tony Montana from "Scarface". They are glasses for any time: elegant and sometimes cheeky.