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Bændit constructed on modules

Bændit adapts to your lifestyle! You can use them comfortably and loosely if you want to make a sporting activity like beach volleyball. For this, pressionares just the stems and these set up to your face, so you can move without worrying you with your glasses. Bændit are modular glasses, you can fit and remove them according to your taste!

All parts are removable, you can swap and mix with friends, making your pair of ideal and unique sunglasses. With its flexible structure, you can carry them everywhere, even in smaller pockets without danificares.

Coated with a handmade alloy 4:08 pin, with a silicon layer, Bændit ensures a tight and strong fit for comfort and safety, both your eyes and in part on the side of the rods.

There are several models you can consult the website of the brand. I have the AL CAPONE!

Bændit challenges the norm and gives you a carefree approach to sunglasses, without compromising on quality and design.